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Mariachi Mexico Antiguo

About Us

Our History

A group celebrated for its vibrant sound, traditional core, and restored focus on the antique traditions of the mariachi genre.

Established in 2010 by former and current students of local schools in the Las Vegas Valley. Mariachi Mexico Antiguo is comprised of the most dedicated and talented musicians. Each with experience panning 4 years or more. As ambassadors of the mariachi genre, Mariachi Mexico Antiguo has traveled to Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah, New York, Colorado, Washington, Wyoming and Connecticut. Mariachi Mexico Antiguo has also worked with renowned artists as Beatriz Adriana, Graciela Beltran, Gildardo Alvarez, Jesus "Chuy" Guzman, Juan Valentin and Placido Domingo. This dedication combined with travels around the United States has earned the mariachi as "a group that captivates audiences with its distinct interpretation of mariachi music." Mariachi Mexico Antiguo symbolizes extraordinary musicianship and renewed focus on the tradition of mariachi.


Rodbel Virula

Director and Coordinator

Adam Romo

Director & Co founder

Jose Luis

Guitar Player


Guitar Player

Saul Olivas

Harp Player

Miguel Hernandez

Trumpet Player

Vicente Gomez

Violin Section Leader

Andrea Cabrera

Violin Player

David Cervantes

Violin Player

Samantha Valencia

Violin Player

Erick Castro

Violin Player

Our Mission

The expression of México’s authentic musical heritage lives on through the voice of Mariachi Mexico Antiguo®! We strive to provide live entertainment for weddings, 15th birthday and cultural events throughout the United States, the Mariachis will create a relaxed atmosphere which will put a smile on everyone’s face. With their traditional mariachi music and classics with a unique twist. Mariachi Mexico Antiguo has performed with various music artist known world wide " Plácido Domingo, Beatriz Adriana, Graciela Beltrán, Gildardo Álvarez, Jesús "Chuy" Guzmán y Juan Valentín" and several cultual events in Las Vegas, New York and Conneticut. So If you a looking to be serenaded as you walk down the aisle or a full dance floor at your evening reception of your event, The Mariachis are always making the big day unforgettable!


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